What is SeaBae Beauty?

We’re an eco-conscious beauty & style brand for all the oceanholics at heart.

We started with one mission in mind, to protect our beautiful bodies of blue by creating sustainable and reusable products that you can include in your everyday beauty routine while reducing your waste footprint. We’re based in Canada.

One girl, a big dream and the ocean.

I’ve always felt a connection to the ocean. Ever since I was little, I found it a safe place of reflection, peace, and timeless beauty. The sound of the waves, the smell of the salt in the flowing breeze, and the warm sand between our toes ( or fins)! It's a miracle that helps our wounds, cures our sorrows and keeps us alive.

But we have forgotten how to care for nature. And now, there are more than 5,000,000,000,000 pieces of disposed plastic found in our oceans.

Recent revelations have shown that face wipes, being made of single use micro plastics make them a cause of environmental concern, especially to marine life and our oceans. They languish in landfills for centuries, and can take up to 100 years to start to break down. 100 YEARS!

Often these wipes are also mistaken for flushable, and end up blocking sewers, washing up on our beaches congealed with fat and human waste.

Innocent marine animals like sea turtles have been found with stomach full of wipes, as they get mistaken for jellyfish. These wipes get ingested mistakenly by all types of underwater creatures, and they eventually asphyxiate.

When I first looked into those numbers I was absolutely heartbroken, and knew that I needed to join the fight to protect our waters. knew then and there, what my true calling was and I wanted to answer the ocean's cries for help. We're proud to partner as an official sponsor to See Turtles Organization and its Billion Baby Turtles program! When you purchase any Seabae item, know that your donation is helping protect endangered Sea Turtle hatchlings.

It’s a small change to switch out the traditional disposable wipes for zero-waste Seabae wipes but it makes a BIG impact on our oceans & world. 

Let’s make waves!

- Sia Shells

Oceanholic, Mermaid & Founder