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Seabae Individual Face Packs (Refills)

Seabae Individual Face Packs (Refills)

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Introducing our new Seabae Wipes! A fin-tastic alternative to disposable face wipes.

Made of the softest hemp cotton, super smooth on even the most sensitive skin while letting you live your best zero waste life. Flexible to catch even the most stubborn eyeliner and can easily be cleaned in your handy Seabae laundry bag.

Save money on disposable wipes, cotton pads, and more while helping to keep our oceans clean!

We are dedicated to reducing plastic waste by making our packaging 100% recyclable and reusable.


Comes in a recycable box. 1$ of this purchase will go towards ocean conservation to help SEE Turtles save endangered hatchlings.

We also sell the wipes in a reusable packaging format, check out our combo pack!

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